Disclaimer Notice: you been warned

Disclaimer Notice
If you're here looking for some good writing, close the tab right now. This is a blog that started off as a writing solace and instead turned into a place to rant off about anything and everything. So, this is going to be an awful lot of just penning down my thoughts, and then deciphering the confusion in emotions, with a not-so-gloomy outlook, or an ambivalent ending, if not a total-downer one.
Peace out. You've been warned.

Monday, October 6, 2014


I'm not a rejected piece;
I'm a writer's hope.

I'm not a forgotten rhyme,
I'm a writer's soul.

I'm not a sorrowful anthem,
I'm a writer's heart.

I'm not just words you read,
I'm a writer's vulnerable imagination.

Give me some credit,
because I can move people,
I can awaken their souls.
I can do what actions alone cannot,
and I can make nations,
and destroy a few;
I can make leaders
just as fast as I can destroy them.
I am the bare soul,
raw in feeling,
pure in possession
you will know
how ever-lasting my legacy is
once I come into existence,
if you but lay eyes on me.

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