Disclaimer Notice: you been warned

Disclaimer Notice
If you're here looking for some good writing, close the tab right now. This is a blog that started off as a writing solace and instead turned into a place to rant off about anything and everything. So, this is going to be an awful lot of just penning down my thoughts, and then deciphering the confusion in emotions, with a not-so-gloomy outlook, or an ambivalent ending, if not a total-downer one.
Peace out. You've been warned.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A little gratitude goes a long way

We're all so ungrateful for everything that we've been blessed with. A little gratitude and positivity goes a long way. I wonder at times if I sound too ungrateful and the problem is I don't want to be. A conversation with my sister reminded me how important it is to be thankful for the little things, and the big things too. People have a habit of prolonging and exaggerating everything that they're not happy with, and I find this habit unnecessary for 2 very simple reasons. First, if you're really unhappy about something and want to see change, be proactive and do something about it. If it's your job, change it, if it's your major, go for the one you want, if it's your university, transfer out, if it's your friends, well broaden your circle and find the ones whose mindset matches yours, if it's your body, work out or gym, or start playing sports, and change how you are. Literally anything and everything can be improved and changed for the better, and if you don't want to invest the time or effort into changing it, then don't complain about it. Whining and complaining is something losers do, and by losers I mean individuals who lose out on the better side of everything just because they refuse to go the extra mile for it.

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