Disclaimer Notice: you been warned

Disclaimer Notice
If you're here looking for some good writing, close the tab right now. This is a blog that started off as a writing solace and instead turned into a place to rant off about anything and everything. So, this is going to be an awful lot of just penning down my thoughts, and then deciphering the confusion in emotions, with a not-so-gloomy outlook, or an ambivalent ending, if not a total-downer one.
Peace out. You've been warned.

Monday, June 4, 2012

      Soft edges, pillowy frills and the comforts of an all too easy life- isn't that what most people look for? Sometimes, its the complete atonement of unrelated matters that combine together to form a huge ball of uncertainties. Ah wait, I see it, the crystal orb is supposed to show us the way out but it looks too misty. Is that why beads of sweat are glistening on your forehead? Is that why the hint of worry is starting to appear on your face? In that all too obvious manner? Ha!

    You came to me, believing that I would tell you your future, your destiny- but do you really think I can show you what is decided upon by God? Wouldn't that be unfair on your part to come to me and yet also simultaneously pray to God for a good outcome? That's like throwing a dice and then throwing another one so that the one with the better score can be chosen. I don't understand your blasphemy- you refuse to suffer through His trials and then you expect to enjoy the fruit? Without even sowing the seed? Isn't that empty headed thoughtlessness from your side? Believing that a mundane person can predict your future so surely yet doubting the entity who's actually responsible for creating it. Strange as it is, it is also amusing.

    But then human behavior has always managed to baffle me. But, what good will a simple fortune teller be if she starts pondering over life's philosophies and stops thinking of what earns her the coin? Better leave those matters to the higher ups, while they be content making discoveries and Sheila be content with her little tent of emotions in her own little world.