Disclaimer Notice: you been warned

Disclaimer Notice
If you're here looking for some good writing, close the tab right now. This is a blog that started off as a writing solace and instead turned into a place to rant off about anything and everything. So, this is going to be an awful lot of just penning down my thoughts, and then deciphering the confusion in emotions, with a not-so-gloomy outlook, or an ambivalent ending, if not a total-downer one.
Peace out. You've been warned.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I keep looking

I keep looking

I keep looking

I look through the glass everyday,
through the broken shards...
I look as the day eventually fades
and nightfall cascades,
I look as the birds circle and fly away
I keep looking.

I look through the glass everyday,
till those who care have no more to say.
I look as winter envelopes the roads,
as summer bades goodbye,
and dark turns the sky,
I keep looking.

I look through the glass everyday,
as those who arrive, return in dismay.
I look as the leaves fall,
as trees shed their tears,
I look as dear autumn is finally here,
I keep looking.

I look through the glass everyday,
as the nightfall creatures come out to play
I look as they come out of habitats,
I look as they wiggle and dance in the rays.
I look as the heat finally arrives,
as summer returns, I keep looking
I keep looking.


    I really like it, good job (y)
    however as the night creatures dance in the rays, there are no visible rays in the night. Unless you have super powers. do you?
    but I still want to know what you're looking for!

  2. A nice poem...:D
    I really liked the message, there are just a few things needed to be edited though. Nothing major :)
    You wrote it pretty well, just try to use 'and' a little less, (who am I to say that?) ;)
    I posted something on my blog too!
    Though its honestly very stupid.
    Bye for now
    MKJ ;D

  3. hey man. really cool poem. and i totally have the same comments as noha. so u can reply to both of us together. im still waiting for a positive poem frm u =). tho i kno writing gloomy stuff looks more mature and is easier to write i think.
    anyway, great work!