Disclaimer Notice: you been warned

Disclaimer Notice
If you're here looking for some good writing, close the tab right now. This is a blog that started off as a writing solace and instead turned into a place to rant off about anything and everything. So, this is going to be an awful lot of just penning down my thoughts, and then deciphering the confusion in emotions, with a not-so-gloomy outlook, or an ambivalent ending, if not a total-downer one.
Peace out. You've been warned.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


'I'll take up your offer,' I announced to the stationmaster.
You know how they say when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Well, here was another chance for me to go to Carney.  If the wedding was being postponed, I decided I would make the most of it. I mean, if I already was travelling across the grand United States of America, I might as well take advantage of it, right? I didn't know when I'd get the chance to go on such a trip again and who knew? maybe I'll find my inner charisma or something. I smirked at that thought.
'Okay, hold on a sec,' Mr. Brandon the station master replied.
He dialed someone's number and started talking. Meanwhile, I looked around. His office was very casual: a filing cabinet, a few shelves behind his straight front desk.
'Today's your lucky day, Alexandra' he told me, which brought my attention back to him.
'Yeah? Why is that?'
'Because there is a bus that leaves for Arkansas tomorrow. You can pick one of the two routes; either Tennessee or Missouri, once you get there.'
'Okay, and then what?'
'Then you go your own way. There are only two seats left, you can take a friend of yours if you want, but you'll have to tell me now.'
Knowing that I would not get a better chance, I agreed.
'The bus leaves sharp at six. Remember if you're late again, I won't be able to help you,' he replied, laughing.
I grinned.
'Don't worry, you won't have to,' I replied and walked out of his office.
         When I came out, blue-eyed guy was still there. I rolled my eyes. Either that guy is a stalker or he is seriously bored to death and has nothing better to do. I picked up my bag and started walking outside, towards my car. I decided I would rest for a while at home, and then I would call Lexie. A lot of work needed to be done: packing more durable clothes, unpacking the "fancy frilly" ones, deciding on the route, and so on. But the very first thing that I would do I decided, as I started my car, was that I would charge my mobile.
       The first thing I did when I reached my two-bedroom apartment was charge my mobile. Then I plopped onto the sofa and grabbed the cordless phone. I dialed Lexie's number; I knew it by heart. Lexie is my childhood best friend. We've been best friends ever since she punched Dave for stealing my lunch box in grade one.
'Hi Lex.'
'Hey, Alex, how come you're calling from your house number?'
'Long story. In short, I missed the train and had a change of plans.'
'No kidding, seriously?'
'Yeah. Any way, are you up for a trip?'
'Where to?'
'I'll tell you when you come here.'
‘And when will that be' she asked, confused.
'In fifteen minutes,' I replied in my most serious tone.
'But I'm not even ready yet,' she replied, laughing.
'I don't care. This is important, so hurry up'
'Okay, fine, give me twenty minutes and I'll be there,' Lexie replied, and with that she hung up the phone.
           I got up and started searching for online maps, and that was when I suddenly got an idea. It was the perfect plan, and it was just what I needed. I closed my laptop and went in my room, towards my closet. I opened it, searching for my hiking gear. This is going to be an exciting trip I thought.

[To be continued]

PS: for those who are wondering, this is not the fourth chapter but the continuation of the previous one

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